EZ Riser™ Flexible Boarding Ladder

The issue: you have either fallen in the water or you decide to take a dip, how do you re-board your BOAT and as an example we'll take a Bass Boat. without a Bass Boat Ladder you will find it very difficult to enter your Bass Boat.
The answer: You re-board with the cost effective Bass Boat Ladder known as the EZ Riser Flexible Boarding Ladder.

The EZ Riser FBL is designed for many boats but especially as a BASS BOAT LADDER. As an owner of a Bass Boat, if you don't have a fixed ladder, then the EZ Riser BASS BOAT LADDER is your answer.

The newest addition to the EZ Riser Product Line that installs on an open or closed mooring cleat and is attached to that cleat, out of the way until you need it.

Other Boats that use the EZ Riser Flexible Boarding Ladder are:

  • Bass Boats... sits on a cleat and ready when you are.
  • Walkarounds... just attach it to a cleat and use it when you need it.
  • Skiffs... same solution, attach it to a cleat and forget about it.
  • Sail Boats... used as an emergency access to a sailboat with no affixed ladder.
  • All others... as long as you can reach the gunnels you can use it.
EZ Riser™ Flexible Boarding Ladder     (1XBBLadder)         $ 39.99 each   
2 pack - EZ Riser™ Flexible Boarding Ladder   (2XBBladder)   $ 59.99  


This product is designed to fit most Boats (using it as a Bass Boat Ladder you still get the same benefits as any other boat);

  • EZ to install
  • EZ to use
  • Adjustable
  • Transferrable
  • UV Treated
  • 300 lb. Capacity

It works on the front or back cleat and on a open or closed cleat and your cleat is still usable for docking.

Use at your own risk.



To become a distributor or sales person for EZ Riser Products, please email us at mike_kaczmarek@myideas2market.com


The EZ Riser™
Jet Step II

The EZ Riser™
Jet Step II
is a 2 STEP Flexible Boarding Ladder that fits newer personal watercraft, from 2006 and on. It works the same as the Original Jet Step for PWC with a larger back platform.

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