Original EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle

EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle is a must for passengers riding on a personal watercraft. All Jet Ski passengers, especially women and children, find the Aqua Handle easy to use. It gives them a great level of comfort when riding on the back of a Personal Water Craft.

The Aqua Handle simply clips on one of the back straps of the Drivers Life Vest or attach it to the Seat Strap of the Jet Ski Seat. Once this is done, you're ready to go.

  • It's portable, you just unclip it and use it on another ski vest or Jet Ski Strap.
  • It's adjustable, you can attach it to any strap of a ski vest, high on the vest for an adult and low for a child, you decide
  • Buy 2 or 3 and have them available on all of your ski vests or Jet Skis.

 Original EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle   (aquahandle)       $ 17.99 each   
2 pack EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle   (2Xaquahandle)      2 for $ 31.99  

Made in America of the finest components.

How to use the Aqua Handle...

Use at your own risk.

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Bundle Jet Step II and the Aqua Handle and save.

Check out the Bundle Value Packages here.


The EZ Riser™
Jet Step II

The EZ Riser™
Jet Step II
is a 2 STEP Flexible Boarding Ladder that fits newer personal watercraft, from 2006 and on. It works the same as the Original Jet Step for PWC with a larger back platform.

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