Original EZ Riser™ Jet Ski Step II

EZ Riser II is a flexible 2 boarding step that fits NEWER personal watercraft.

Simply loop the rope through the back “D” clamp, then back through itself securing it to the “D” clamp.


Original EZ Riser™ Jet Step II  (1Xjetstep2)  $ 39.99 each
2 pack - EZ Riser™ Jet Step II   (2Xjetstep2)   $ 59.99  



To store it, wind the rope around the step and secure it using the Velcro strap.

To deploy it in the water, simply release the Velcro strap and unwind.

Women especially love the product because it allows them to easily remount the PWC when they choose to go in for a dip or take an accidental spill.

  • Installs in seconds,
  • No tools required,
  • Extremely convenient,
  • Stores easily on back “D” clamp.
  • Adjustable and transferable,
  • No mooring interference,
  • UV-treated for long life,
  • Can also be used on jet boats,
  • 300 pound capacity.
Do not use when engine is running! EZ Riser is for boarding only!

How to use the EZ Riser Jet Ski Step...

Use at your own risk.

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