Jet Ski Accessories

Sunglass Strap  ( NEW PRODUCT )

Float Eyes

Sunglass Strap makes it really hard to LOSE your sunglasses. Comprised of soft and durable neoprene foam backed by two stretchable fabrics. The NEO-STRAP easily fits over most eyewear to provide a soft cushion over the ears.



 Sunglasses Strap   (sunglass-strap)     $ 5.99 each   
Sunglasses Strap - 2 Pack   (2X-sunglass-strap)       $ 10.00  for 2 straps   

Swift-Hitch Camera System - Wireless Backup Camera

Swift-Hitch Camera System - Wireless Backup Camera

Swift-Hitch Camera System makes hooking up your trailer a one person operation! Use for tight RV Spaces so you can see behind your trailer to avoid collisions.

The Swift-Hitch is a portable wireless camera & monitor, with Full color LCD 960 x 240 monitor and works day and night with infrared technology.

The Swift-Hitch also has the following features:

    Swift-Hitch Camera System - Wireless Backup Camera
  • Excellent Resolution
  • Reverse option imaging for easier backing
  • Magnetized camera mounts almost anywhere
  • Use for tight RV spaces so you don't hit something
  • Includes 12 volt charger and rechargeable battery.
  • No wiring necessary. Just plug and play!
  • Optic range of Camera is 300'
  • Range from Camera to Monitor is 45'
  • Includes carrying cases & spare battery.
  • No wiring required ready to use.
Swift-Hitch Camera System   (SHcamera)      $199.00 (+ $15.00 Shipping)

Original EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle

Original EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle

EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle attaches easily to the Drivers Life Vest or the Seat Strap on the Jet Ski. This allows the passengers an additional method of holding on for an enjoyable ride.

Other uses for the Aqua Handle:
        Pets... Convenient handle for their Life Vest
        Children... Convenient handle for their Life Vest

and to see the "How to" PRODUCT VIDEO.


 Original EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle   (aquahandle)       $ 17.99 each   
2 pack EZ Riser™ Aqua Handle   (2Xaquahandle)      2 for $ 31.99  

The EZ Riser™ WATERPROOF First Aid Kit

The EZ Riser™ WATERPROOF First Aid Kit

The EZ Riser WATERPROOF First Aid Kit is the first of its kind and perfect for Jet Skiers on the move. As it usually happens, you're quite a ways from your landing and you need some Basic Medical Attention or you're out with your Riding Club, up on the beach for the evening and something happens that requires a First Aid Kit. What do you do? If you can think of those situations, then you or your Club need the EZ Riser WATERPROOF First Aid Kit. The EZ Riser WATERPROOF First Aid Kit seals with a Gasket and closes with a snap, keeping the contents safe and dry. As an added bonus, the Kit also contains 2 Light sticks... just snap and shake and they're ready to use. These Light Sticks give off quite a bit of light and will last a long time into the evening.

The EZ Riser WATERPROOF First Aid Kit contains 14 Different Items and 76 Total Pieces:

  • Adhesive Strips
    • (20) Adhesive Strips
    • (2) X-Large Adhesive Strips
    • (2) Knuckle Bandages
    • (2) Fingertip Bandages
  • Wound Dressings
    • (2) Gauze Pads,
    • 3"(1) Gauze Pads,
    • 2" (1) Adhesive Tape
  • Antiseptics, Medicinals
    • (6) First Aid/Burn Cream
    • (10) Antiseptic Wipes
    • (3) Sting Relief Wipes
    • (12) Aspirin
    • (12) Motion Sickness Tablets
  • Additional Products
    • (1) First Aid Instructions
    • (2) Light Sticks
The EZ Riser™ WATERPROOF First Aid Kit   (EZfirstaid)
reg. price: $24.99
Sale Price: $14.99

EZ Riser™ Personal Jet Ski Horn

Personal Jet Ski Horn

Have you ever been on your Jet Ski, out on a Lake or the Intracoastal and run into a mechanical or other problems, and then wondered how you would get help. We've all been there at one time or another... but not anymore. Now there's an inexpensive solution that can get you out of that situation... the EZ Riser Personal Jet Ski Horn.

This Horn is SAFE and SIMPLE to use. Just push the button and you get a LOUD, CLEAR, piercing blast that can be heard for a long, long way. Simply attach it to your personal flotation device or anywhere on your Jet Ski. It has a Velcro Strap. The EZ Riser Jet Ski Horn is 100% ozone safe, rust resistant and non-flammable and it even works after it's been submerged.


The EZ Riser™ Personal Jet Ski Horn   (JSHorn)
reg. price: $11.99
Sale Price: $ 9.99

EZ PWC TRI-DOWN from BoatBuckle

EZ PWC TRI-DOWN from BoatBuckle

Now hold down your Jet Ski with a designed that has a built-in soft hook to protect the gel coat against chaffing from the hook, the cam buckle and ratchet tri-downs feature a durable nylon webbing and vinyl coated steel hooks. Rated capacity on both: 1200 lbs.



Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie Down 2" x 13'  ( NEW PRODUCT )

Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie Down

Vinyl-coated steel S-hooks or zinc-coated double J-hooks. and let's not forget our highest quality stainless steel tie-downs! Break Strength: 1,200 lbs. SWL: 400 lbs

Kwik-Lok Gunwale Tie Down   (EZGTD)      $16.99

Ratchet Transom/Utility Tie-Down 1" x 3.5'  ( NEW PRODUCT )

Ratchet Transom/Utility Tie-Down

BoatBuckle 1" utility tie-downs are perfect for securing boats, PWC's, coolers, tackle boxes and more. Break Strength: 1,200 lbs./ea. SWL: 400 lbs./ea.

Ratchet Transom/Utility Tie-Down   (EZTUTD)      $19.99

Winch Strap w/Hook, 2" x 20'  ( NEW PRODUCT )

Winch Strap with Hook

For heavy duty applications that require straps, Fulton Winch Straps offer a range of strengths and working load limits, including standard and heavy-duty models. Each Fulton Winch Strap is designed for use with Fulton Winches, and is manufactured of colorfast, UV-resistant materials. Hook is included.

Winch Strap w/Hook   (EZWSH)      $14.99

EZ Jet Ski Cover

EZ Jet Ski Cover comes in 2 sizes
MEDIUM (up to 133" long) & LARGE (up to 140" long)

  • Medium fits watercraft up to 133 inches long
    Large fits watercraft up to 140 inches long
  • Lunex ripstop is an advanced, highly durable fabric that uses a grid system to make the fabric stronger and tear resistant
  • Trailering strap included
  • Provides UV protection
  • Elastic cord sewn into bottom hem for a quick and secure fit
  • Rear air vent reduces inside moisture and wind lofting
  • Integrated storage bag and tie-down rope included
  • 1 year warranty

(+ $15.00 Shipping and Handling for all Jet Ski Covers)


EZM Medium Cover (up to 133" length)   (EZM)      $59.99
EZL Large Cover      (up to 140" length)   (EZL)      $64.99

EZ PWC Safety Lanyard

PWC Safety Lanyard

This product has 3 leys and fits ALL brands: SeaDoo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, Tiger Shark and Wet Jet. Super comfortable floating wrist band, floating vest lanyard and free high pitch pealess whistle for emergencies. A swivel snap hook keeps the cord untangled. No accessories to buy for this lanyard! Color: Purple/Yellow.

EZ PWC Lanyard   (EZPWCLan)
reg. price: $16.99
Sale Price: $ 11.99

EZ U-Bolt Style Tire Carrier

EZ U-Bolt Style Tire Carrier

Not only does it mount on the tongue or trailer frame but it can be locked for added SECURITY. The frame must be between 2" x 2" square to 3-1/2" x 4" rectangular in size. Fits 4 or 5 lug hole rims. Extra long 8-1/2" shaft fits 8" to 15" tires. Solid, zinc plated steel square bend U-bolt with bracket. Lock NOT included.

EZ Tire Carrier   (EZTCLOCK)      $14.99

Spare Tire Carrier  ( NEW PRODUCT )

Spare Tire Carrier

Extra length will allow the handling of wide tires or will span the wider tongues of custom built trailers. Will fit either 4 or 5 hole rims. Zinc plated Tuff plate finish.

Spare Tire Carrier   (EZSTC)      $16.99

Universal License Plate Bracket Flexible Black Plastic  ( NEW PRODUCT )

Universal License Plate Bracket

Tough molded license plate bracket will never rust or corrode. Flexible, plastic material allows bracket and license plate to deflect on impact. Designed for use with all AMD tail lights.

Universal License Plate Bracket   (EZLPB)      $4.99

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