EZ Riser Products

Jet Ski and Bass Boat Accessory Products

EZ Riser Products is the Marine Group of Ideas 2 Market dedicated to personal watercraft and bass fishing boats. We are proud to introduce the following NEW and Exciting Jet Ski and Bass Boat Accessory Products: Flexible Boarding Ladder, Jet Ski Step II, Jet Ski Step, Aqua Handle, Jet Ski Waterproof First Aid Kit, Personal Jet Ski Horn, Waterproof cases for phones, GPS and MP3's, Covers for boats and jetskis.

To become a distributor or salesperson for EZ Riser Products, please email at mike_kaczmarek@myideas2market.com


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EZ Riser Flexible
5 Step Ladder

(for boats, marina & private docks)

EZ Riser 5 step flexible ladder

Tail Light Kits
Waterproof Over 80in. Low Profile Taillight Kit

Sunglasses Strap



Waterproof First Aid Kit
was $24.99 now $14.99
Jet Ski Air Horn
was $11.99 now $9.99
Jet Ski Lanyard
was $16.99 now $11.99
EZ Jet Ski Cool Bottle
was $24.99 now $9.99
GPS Directional Equipment
was $59.99 now $24.99
Waterproof Camera Case
was $29.99 now $9.99
Cell Phone Pouch
was $24.99 now $9.99
Waterproof MP3 Case
was $39.99 now $9.99