EZ Tournament Style Bass Boat Cover

Patterned to fit most pro-style wide transom, V-hull and modified tri-hull type bass boats. These boats feature high-mounted pedestal seats, steering consoles with or without windscreens, and flat decks. Covers have ample room up front to accommodate low profile fold-up type trolling motors. Outboard models have bound-in motor hoods and accommodate most large outboard engines. Use for travel, mooring or storage. Allow 10 Days for production and shipment.

(+ $25.00 Shipping and Handling for all Bass Boat Covers)

Five Sizes available:

15.5 ft. to 16.4 ft. Max Beam 84"   (EZBBCOV 7713)      $247.99
16.5 ft. to 17.4 ft. Max Beam 88"   (EZBBCOV 7714)      $251.99
17.5 ft. to 18.4 ft. Max Beam 94"   (EZBBCOV 7715)      $262.99
18.5 ft. to 19.4 ft. Max Beam 94"   (EZBBCOV 7716)      $271.99
19.5 ft. to 20.4 ft. Max Beam 94"   (EZBBCOV 7717)      $281.99

EZ Jet Ski Cover

EZ Jet Ski Cover comes in 2 sizes
MEDIUM (up to 133" long) & LARGE (up to 140" long)

  • Medium fits watercraft up to 133 inches long
    Large fits watercraft up to 140 inches long
  • Lunex ripstop is an advanced, highly durable fabric that uses a grid system to make the fabric stronger and tear resistant
  • Trailering strap included
  • Provides UV protection
  • Elastic cord sewn into bottom hem for a quick and secure fit
  • Rear air vent reduces inside moisture and wind lofting
  • Integrated storage bag and tie-down rope included
  • 1 year warranty

(+ $15.00 Shipping and Handling for all Jet Ski Covers)

EZM Medium Cover (up to 133" length)   (EZM)      $59.99
EZL Large Cover      (up to 140" length)   (EZL)      $64.99

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