Beverage Container

EZ Jet Ski C O O L Bottle   (An EZ Riser First)

Be the first of your Jet Ski Friends to have you own Chilled Beverage Container CLIPPED to your Life Vest. Simply stop, remove your C O O L Bottle, take a sip, reattach it and thirst no more! This 32 oz. water bottle is BPA Free, has a Flip-and-flow lid with built-in straw, with a patented freezer stick that attaches to the lid to keep your drink ice cold. Once the freezer stick is used up, you can always remove it and place ice cubes in your C O O L Bottle and your off again. Coming soon a COOL Bottle CLIP for you Jet Ski.

EZ JS C O O L Bottle / JS Handle Hook   (EZCOOL-1)      (regularly $24.99)
   Sale Price $ 9.99